Subject Fwd: platform independent DB browser
Author Helen Borrie
>To: firebird-contact@...
>From: Raj <rajsub1@...>
>Subject: [Firebird-contact] platform independent DB browser
>Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 05:33:04 -0700
>You may wish inform your users that DBVisualizer (written in
>Java and available free from
> v3.1 is fully compatible
>with Firebird v1.0 using your latest (jdk1.3.x) Interclient [sic]
>This is particularly useful for users on a non-Windows
>platform where IBConsole will not work.
>The only caveat is that the "create database" command may
>have to be done using isql. All else can be done using
>A Firebird fan.