Subject Python Firebird library fdb for web development
Author Aldo Caruso

  I'm currently using Firebird 3.0 for a web development using PHP 7.2
with Apache 2.4 on Ubuntu 18.04

  I'm evaluating a new development with Python 3.6 using a
microframework like Bottle or Flash.

  I've been using fdb Python package ( python-fdb 1.6 ) for Python
scripts ( not for web development ) successfully.

  One of the key functions of PHP library for Firebird is the
possibility to open a persistent connection ( function ibase_pconnect
[1] ), which allows keeping it open when the script ends, so that it can
be reused in the future in case another script or the same one needs to
open a connection with the same parameters (i.e. same database, user,
role, etc. ). This creates a connection pool that is useful for
increasing the script response time.

  I wonder whether this can be done with fdb package.

Thanks in advance for any clarification.

Aldo Caruso