Subject How to know if FileSystemCacheThreshold works?
Hi guys,

I have FB 3.04 SS in windows 10.

I have a database with these setting on database.conf

my_dba = C:\Dba\db.fdb
    FileSystemCacheThreshold = 393216
    LockMemSize = 16M
    LockHashSlots = 30011
    TempCacheLimit = 2048M
    TempBlockSize = 2M
    FileSystemCacheSize = 50

Database page size : 16834
Database pagebuffers : 131072

Size of database file is about 8GB. Total Windows RAM, 16GB, free RAM, more than 8GB.

I run the same query via flamerobin about three time, then looked on WIndows Task Manager and each time the query was running, the disk kept spinning.

Does it means that Firebird's FileSystemCache doesn't works? How to know if it works?

Thanks in advance.