Subject invalid request BLR at offset 27, on restore FB 3 database to 2.5
Author Mr. John
I'm trying to restore a FB 3 database to 2.5
Before fb3 backup,I copy from 2.5 gbak.exe to gbak2.exe into FB3 folder
then run 

gbak2.exe -v -b "d:\db3.fdb" "d:\dbbk.gbk"  -user SYSDBA -pass "mypass"

backup is done with no erorrs

I can restore it again to fb3 with no error but when I restore it to Fb2.5 I got this:
 Starting restore. Current time: 12:25:06 PM
 Invalid token.
     invalid request BLR at offset 27.
     BLR syntax error: expected valid BLR code at offset 28, encountered 210.
     Exiting before completion due to errors.
   Restore completed. Current time: 12:25:08 PM. Elapsed time: 00:00:01

restore is done from IBExpert