Subject Firebird 64 Bit Superserver
Author Check_Mail



we are using the firebird 32 Bit Superserver on Server 2008 32 Bit with approximately 64 Connections. Last week we had the problem, that the one process increases to 2 GB in the RAM and some of the clients (Microsoft Access with Firebird ODBC, both 32 Bit) works not without problems and firebird wrote: “Operating System Call _beginthreadex failed. Error Code 8”


We are using some Applications, which are not designed for 64 Bit Windows and UDFs, there are not designed for 64 Bit Firebird. In this case, is it better to use the firebird classic server (with defaultdbcachepages 75) than the firebird 64 Bit on Windows 64 Bit?




Best regards.