Subject Wrong characters ...
Author Lester Caine
With the sorting out of unicode encoded text I've just hit a related
funny. I've been given a quantity of original PageMaker documents which
include a quantity of poetry for which the layout and punctuation is a
substantial part of the content. I'd had to find the original fonts, or
so I thought to get these to render on an old setup of PageMaker. What I
had no anticipated was that while the characters themselves may be
slightly different from scans of the original published books, some of
the quotation marks were simply 'wrong'. Not yet verified the whole
book, but single and double quotes are being rendered as actual foreign
characters. What I thought would be a quick job is now something of a
nightmare! And I've no way to check just how the original probably
pre-XP machine was set up. Looks like I'll need to work out just what
characters are used in the documents, but the three copies of the font
I've found have different layouts for the punctuation :( Fortunately
I've got access to the original author ... it's his website I building
... so we can HOPEFULLY identify the correct unicode codes for use
on-line, but I doubt there are unicode versions of the old fonts he used
originally? Need to find the best match possible while maintaining the
original layout of text.

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