Subject Database 'conversion'
Author Lester Caine
For 20 odd years I've only ever created databases with a charset of NONE
and because of the way PHP works the odd UTF8 string just works as raw
data. Strange names and address strings just work and there is normally
only a problem when the string was corrupt anyway.

Now I think it's time I started to look at tidying things up, and move
to UTF8 as the default character set. I've various notes across several
versions of FB, but is there a good current crib sheet on how to handle
this? I think I'm simply looking at creating a new empty UTF8 copy of
the database and pumping over from the NONE version?

I'm just trying to decide if it's worth upgrading ibWebAdmin to handle
the transfer so I can play with csv dumps and pick up some other raw
data sources, but are there other tools working with FB3. I'm find a
number of the tools like XMLWizard are being blocked by my ISP but I
think they are the same versions as I downloaded some time ago but which
will not run on my current version of SUSE :(

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