Subject FB 3 Database hanging in multi-user
Author Sukhendu Barua
Dear FB Support,

One of my clients is using my FB3..0 app in Microsoft VDI (virtual desktop) environment. When two users use the database at the sametime often the app hangs (hour glass) for one user (say user-2). As soon as the other user (user-1) leaves the program, it start working again for user-2. I can not reproduce this in my desktop computer to debug. The database connection string is as follows:

DRIVER={Firebird/InterBase(r) driver};Dbname=\Ms2Apps\CBT\iDock3_CBT\Firebird\IDOCK3_CBT_FB3_2.FDB;CHARSET=NONE;ROLE=FIRSTDBADMIN;UID=USER2;

The users launch the application from their VDI desktop by clicking a shortcut that points to as follows:


FB3 is superserver using the default config.

Any help is appreciated.