Subject ΑΠ: [firebird-support] insert data two databases dif ferent
Author Γεώργιος Αρνάκης

I suspect a shadow file

If a calamity occurs involving the original database, the system converts the shadow to a copy of the database and switches to it. The shadow is then unavailable. What happens next depends on the MODE option.





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Θέμα: Re: [firebird-support] insert data two databases different

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> Hi guys, i have a situation, I work with a database name database1.fdb,
> and so, i do maintanance over this databases weekly.
> I backup this database before maintenance, but the maintenance failed,
> so the .fdb file in which the maintenance failed will rename it to
> database_2, and then restore the database1.fdb file.
> 2 days later for some reason the information was inserted in database
> database_2 and not in database1.fdb. It is worth mentioning that these
> files and the database.config were not modified again
> Any advice or experience with a similar situation?

Was it a Linux system, did you rename the database file while any
Firebird process was still connected to that database? If so, those
processes will continue to use the old database.

Mark Rotteveel