Subject Re[2]: [firebird-support] insert data two databases different
Author Joel Moo
Hi Mark, the OS is linux (Debian 8), but i stopped the service of
firebird before renaming the file .fdb.

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>On 6-5-2019 23:12, 'Joel Moo' joel.moo@...
>[firebird-support] wrote:
> > Hi guys, i have a situation, I work with a database name
> > and so, i do maintanance over this databases weekly.
> >
> > I backup this database before maintenance, but the maintenance
> > so the .fdb file in which the maintenance failed will rename it to
> > database_2, and then restore the database1.fdb file.
> > 2 days later for some reason the information was inserted in database
> > database_2 and not in database1.fdb. It is worth mentioning that
> > files and the database.config were not modified again
> >
> > Any advice or experience with a similar situation?
>Was it a Linux system, did you rename the database file while any
>Firebird process was still connected to that database? If so, those
>processes will continue to use the old database.
>Mark Rotteveel

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