Subject Re: [firebird-support] How to trigger automatic sweep?
>> Why it was shut down ?
> Don't know. I not shutdown anything.

If you run CS and disconnected - both connections will be shutdown (yours one and sweep) as they
both handled by the same worker process. Are you run CS and disconnect immediately after triggering
auto-sweep ?

>> What is in firebird.log ? Are you sure there was no errors before the
>> sweep ?
> The above things and like the next:
> SRV Wed May 01 19:51:35 2019
> Database: EMPLOYEE
> Index 1 is corrupt (record 29189 have missing entries) in table

It is not good and it shouldn't happen. The good thing is that It is easy to fix - just rebuild index.
Also, it could be false alarm - run manual sweep and validate database again to check it.

> I updating the SALARY table.
> The firebird.log not exists before the above messages.

Because you never validate database before, isn't it ?

>>> So, I wanted to see this! Automatic sweep destroy the database. And easy
>>> to reproduce. Too easy! :-(
>> Why do you think database is "destroyed" ? Too strong statement without
>> answes on my questions above.
> Sorry Vlad I don't know the good term. The "something went wrong in the
> database" is better?

Are your db really *destroyed* ? Is there a smoking hole in the HDD ?
Can you connect ? Can you read the data ? (I know - you can ;)

Yes, it seems somewhat corrupted but we not know if it was not corrupted before the sweep run.
Don't get me wrong - i need to know all such details.

> Can I create a backtrace or whatever?

If it is really reproduced (starting with clean database) - create ticket and i'll fix it.