Subject Firebird novice--help with application that uses Firebird
Author David Wurdeman

We use a program called Ascent, that uses Firebird server to open the .fdb database files that this program creates.


The databases can be either on the local computer, or on a network share.


We have a user in a remote office.  He was using a Windows 7 computer with a network share to store his databases.


Regarding the Ascent application we are using.  When accessing a remote database, from within the program you designate the IP address of the computer , and then the path to the database from the server’s perspective.  i.e. “C:\database directory\database.fdb”


I upgraded the Windows 7 server computer to Windows 10, and now this program doesn’t work.  The client computer program tries to connect to the server database, but it times-out.


We can still see the network share in Windows Explorer just fine, so it can’t be a rights issue or Windows sharing problem.


The user can open databases stored on his local PC with no problems. 


Disabled anti-virus but that hasn’t helped.


Prior to the upgrade:  when opening a database on the server, it would show the path in the application as “<server IP address> c:\database directory\database.fdb”


Now it shows the path as “<server IP address>  <server IP address>c:\database\database.fdb”


The server and client were running Firebird v 2.1.  I upgraded to 2.5, but the problem is still there.


Any advice appreciated!  If you need further info, please contact me.



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