Subject A recommendation (database migration)
Author Kevin Stanton

We are in the middle of migrating from FB 1.56 to 3.x.

Of course the recommendation is to create a script of the database and run it against FB 3 which we’ve done. We’ve also purchased the Migration Guide to Firebird 3.

Now comes the challenge - getting the data over. Some of our customers have millions and millions of records.
The recommendation is to use a tool to pump the data over. Clever Components has a tool but it seems really out-dated and not very intuitive. This tool is a suggestion in the Migration Guide.

I understand not having a GUI tool with Firebird as there are a few really good ones out there. (IB Expert is my must-have tool)

However, I t think it’s imperative FB has a database migration tool. We should not have to rely on any 3rd party tools to upgrade a database.

Here’s what I would love to see the process being:

Have a tool to analyze the current database. This can already be done by creating a script and running it against the target version of FB.
Once the database is created successfully with no errors or warnings in step 1, all we should have to do is backup the database in the older version of FB and restore it in the target version. I know triggers and stored procedures don’t get recompiled, but they should somehow. I’m sure the Firebird Gurus can figure this one out. :)

I would be happy to donate time to help in anyway I can. This is an awesome database and I can’t say enough about FB and the developers.

Just some thoughts here as I go through the (so-far-painful) migration process.

Best Regards,

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