Subject Re: Off-Topic: Firebird future
I do not like using Java applications on my workstation, mostly as a result of the extra clutter they bring in addition to the enormous number of Microsoft files I already have installed.

That being said, I do agree with the commenters in this thread where the Firebird Development Group should at this point consider offering a bundled Firebird Database Manager with their engine.

"Red Expert", from what I have seen of it so far, looks to be a very competent database manager along with DB-Beaver.

However, until the Firebird Development Group enhances the engine's compilation error reporting, which in my view is very poor, no such manager will be able to provide superior levels of comfort for database developers using the Firebird Database Engine.

For now, I will stay with EMS Sql Manager's Firebird Database Administrator for my primary manager as I have been using their tools for quite a number of years, all of which have limited, free versions available.

Steve Naidamast
Sr. Software Engineer