Subject Re: [firebird-support] Basic Re-Start
Author Clyde Eisenbeis
Thanks for clarifying.  Is there a more current Embedded_fb3.pdf doc?  I don't see fbclient.dll file mentioned in that doc (although fbclient.dll is in Firebird

Referencing fbclient.dll to Visual Studio is easy.  Do I need any other files (such as plugins)?   Is there any compiling or installation necessary?

Typically, I reference a dll in Visual Studio, and Visual Studio includes it when a program is compiled.


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> I downloaded both Firebird and Firebird I cannot find
> the file (fbembed.dll) described in Embedded_fb3.pdf.

Please read that PDF again, it mentions fbembed.dll only once, and in
the past tense to describe the situation of previous Firebird versions.
That is because with Firebird 3, there is no separate DLL anymore, it is
accessible through fbclient.dll if you have the right additional plugin
DLLs relative to that fbclient.dll, which is described in that PDF.

The fbembed.dll only exists in Firebird 2.5 and earlier, and you need to
download the embedded zipkit for that. This embedded zipkit is available
from the downloadpage for 2.5:

For Firebird 3, you can use the normal zipkit from the downloadpage for

See also: (for
Java, but the description of the folder layout can be applied for C# as

If I recall correctly, the Firebird provider by default tries to
load fbembed.dll and I don't recall if it also tries fbclient.dll. When
using Firebird 3 embedded, you may need to explicitly set the client
library to fbclient.dll (it has a connection property for this).

> Is there an email adr for Firebird Embedded developers?

There are no separate developers for Firebird Embedded: it is the same
engine that is used by Firebird server. You have this mailing list, or
the firebird-net-provider list for C# specific questions. There is also
the firebird-devel mailing list, but that is primarily focused on
development of Firebird itself and not intended for support questions.