Subject Re: [firebird-support] Falling at second hurdle ...
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 2019-01-17 21:13, Lester Caine lester@... [firebird-support]
> Personally I would rather NOT have the Embedded Connection insecurity
> but that side of things is working and I have a restored database.
> Given the 'Important' notice on the top of the 'Initializing the
> Security Database' I skipped to the next section, and the various
> changes have been made. And I think are right.
> Now I'm being told that perhaps the legacy user has not been set, but
> now I can run the scripts on 'Initializing the Security Database'

That was a theory I proposed, not solid fact. It is a bit hard to
diagnose issues remotely, especially with incomplete information.

> create user SYSDBA password 'SomethingCryptic';
> gives
> Statement failed, SQLSTATE = 23000
> add record error
> -violation of PRIMARY or UNIQUE KEY constraint "INTEG_2" on table
> -Problematic key value is ("PLG$USER_NAME" = 'SYSDBA')
> WHAT am I not reading here?

I'd suggest to explicitly specify the user manager plugin you want to
use instead of leaving it to the specific configuration (doing this will
also detect problems if an expected user manager is not installed or not
the first in the list).

Eg, use
create user sysdba password '..' using plugin Legacy_UserManager;

Or to initialize SRP:

create user sysdba password '..' using plugin Srp;

Note: this requires that specified plugin is listed in the UserManager
config in firebird.conf.

Also, what is the output of `select SEC$USER_NAME, SEC$PLUGI from