Subject Falling at second hurdle ...
Author Lester Caine
OK, hitting a brick wall using older server setups with things that are
considered essential these days no longer working, and the fixes
requiring a full upgrade.

Servers are running SUSE42.3 with Nginx/PHP7.0/FB2.5 and reliant on
Letsecrypt for certificates, but trying to run a renew yesterday as I
needed some revised certs failed. This is not unusual for Letsecrypt
even with the 'no upgrade' option and the supported certbot version is
far behind ... but the other machines it's running fine! ... so looked
to upgrade to SUSE15.0. Only problem, it ignored the lock on PHP7.0 and
FB2.5 and upgraded both to 7.2 and 3. certbot has at least updataed the
certs but still will not create the one I wanted yesterday morning but
I'm used to that aggro ... it will just run http for now!

Needing sites back up again I switched over to a backup FB2.5 server and
spent a few hours clearing all the crap that PHP7.2 introduced. There is
NO need to complain about numbers not being the right type when the
language has worked fine for 20 years without strict typing :(

Now the REAL problem. I have FB3.0.2 installed by SUSE. Needed to start
it manually, but I also need to restore Legacy authentication. The ONLY
user is PHP and so I don't want any extra user access, just using
Flamerobin as the backup access if there are problems that can't be
fixed via the PHP interface. But currently I can't 'Retrieve Server
Version' on Flamerobin as it says check 'Compatibility Issues' ... I've
run through
and yes stop/started firebird service ... but no joy. I've been at this
point before an gave up, just switching back to 2.5 but I think I'm
forced to persevere this time ... how do I get Flamerobin to connect ...
given that the target machine is text only and I'm using Flamerobin from
an FB2.5 machine since I still need access to both versions.

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