Subject Re: [firebird-support] Falling at second hurdle ...
Author Lester Caine
On 17/01/2019 18:40, Lester Caine lester@... [firebird-support]
> On 17/01/2019 16:27, Mark Rotteveelmark@...
> [firebird-support] wrote:
>> On 17-1-2019 11:59, Lester Cainelester@... [firebird-support]
>> wrote:
>>> On 17/01/2019 10:51, liviusliviusliviuslivius@...
>>> [firebird-support] wrote:
>>>> I suppose you have missed previous point at
>>>> Look for
>>> "This initialization is not required and should NOT be performed if you
>>> have configured the server to use legacy (pre-Firebird 3 style)
>>> authentication and user management."
>>> So is that not the case?
>> On Windows, you will only get that error if SRP authentication is
>> attempted while SRP has not been initialized in the security database.
>> However, if I had to guess, it may be possible that the security
>> database in your install was not initialized for Legacy_Auth (on
>> Windows, the security database contains a default Legacy_Auth sysdba).
>> It may be possible that you will first need to ensure that a legacy
>> authentication user is created to initialize the security database properly.
> No windows in this equation, but I don't know what the SUSE install
> actually did. So where do I find out how to check this? It's created the
> crib for the legacy ... AH that must be an old one! SYSDBA.password is
> from August:(
> Right had to add firebird-examples to get employee database, and isql-fb
> is the right access package, but
> create user SYSDBA password 'SomethingCryptic'; gives me an add record
> error, so presumably SYSDBA already exists? At least I've altered the
> password, but I'm not getting a request to enter it when opening
> employee again ...
> Flamerobin knows if FB3 is running or not ...
> It can see the old databases but of cause they need updating to 12.0. I
> still remember when I could open old databases. I suppose the next thing
> to try is to restore one to see what isql-fb says ... except it's been
> years since I did that from the command line ...

This is getting annoying now ... gbak worked and I've got a new copy of
the data ... isql-fb can access it and read the data ... but no request
for a password.
Access from PHP gives me
fbird_connect(): Install incomplete, please read the Compatibility
chapter in the release notes for this version

So what can I do next to get this to work?

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