Subject Re: [firebird-support] Falling at second hurdle ...
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 17-1-2019 11:59, Lester Caine lester@... [firebird-support]
> On 17/01/2019 10:51, liviuslivius liviuslivius@...
> [firebird-support] wrote:
>> I suppose you have missed previous point at
>> Look for
> "This initialization is not required and should NOT be performed if you
> have configured the server to use legacy (pre-Firebird 3 style)
> authentication and user management."
> So is that not the case?

On Windows, you will only get that error if SRP authentication is
attempted while SRP has not been initialized in the security database.

However, if I had to guess, it may be possible that the security
database in your install was not initialized for Legacy_Auth (on
Windows, the security database contains a default Legacy_Auth sysdba).

It may be possible that you will first need to ensure that a legacy
authentication user is created to initialize the security database properly.

Mark Rotteveel