Subject Re: [firebird-support] GRANT Privileges
Author Helen Borrie

> I’m struggling to grant any privileges on a .fdb file database.

> I have created a separate user as the SYSDBA reported “Your login
> SYSDBA is same as one of the SQL role name. Ask your database
> administrator to set up a valid Firebird Login”.

The SYSDBA user exists already. The password is 'masterkey' but you
should change this immediately.

> When I use ISQL to run a select statement on the database in question I get the response:

> “Statement failed, SQLSTATE = 28000
> No permission for read/select access to TABLE ZIEKTE”

> Then I try to GRANT SELECT on TABLE ZIEKTE to USER DW_EXTRACT” however I get the response:

> “Statement failed, SQLSTATE = 28000
> Unsuccessful metadata update
> -no S privilege with grant option on table/view ZIEKTE”

You need to be logged in as SYSDBA or the database owner. An ordinary
user can't grant permissions to self nor to any other user.

> I’ve tried numerous tables but I get the same response.
> I have tested the user on the Example database “EMPLOYEE” and have
> no problems accessing any table on that.

AFAIR, all the tables in the employee database have rights granted to
PUBLIC. This isn't something you should do with a real-life database,

> Can you possibly help me or point me in the right direction?

If you don't know the db owner's credentials then log in as SYSDBA.

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