Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: tempdirectories
Author Helen Borrie
Ian wrote:

> We got the idea from The Firebird Book, and after that I can't find
> mention of it being deprecated in 2.0 release notes or later.

Not deprecated but abolished. If something is "deprecated", it is
still valid but likely to be dropped in a subsequent release. From Fb
2 onward, Fb was made more tolerant of directory names with spaces,
hence the need to drop such embellishments.

(Not that made anything like sufficientt impact on my consciousness in
2013-4 to remember it affected TempDirectories - q.v.)

> From
> the 2004 book, page 745 (I know it's older than my daughter ;-):

> "TempDirectories

> Version 1.5 forward

> Supply a list of one or more directories, separated by semicolons
> (;), under which sort files may be stored. Each item may include an
> optional size argument. in bytes, to limit its storage.....

> TempDirectories = userdata\sortfiles 5000000
> "

It has subsequently become a myth that has survived into TFB Second
Edition. I can fix that.

> And also in the 1.5.6 release notes
>, and then
> hanging around in something that claims to be the Firebird 2
> Administrators manual, but now I look closer it isn't obvi ously a
> core fb site:

No, it's not.

> I can't find it mentioned anywhere else though, except in things
> like where the author was still using it...

The author of that ticket was the developer who wrote the parser code.
;-) It looks as though he'd discovered unintended behaviour when the
parser landed on a space in a directory name...the older code to
truncate out anything following a space (i.e., assumed to be the
now-invalid allocation size) was gaily truncating forward from the
first space in the directory name itself. (That was an amazing piece
of searching that dug that up!)


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