Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: tempdirectories
Author Helen Borrie
wobbleian@... wrote:

> I've just tried

> TempDirectories = /location1 50000000 ;/location2 ; /location3

> And location1 is ignored, but 2 and 3 used!

Which tells you something. ;-)
The engine doesn't recognise the format of the first member of the
list but it's OK with the second and third because they are legal.

I don't know where you got the idea that you could specify the size of
a temp directory. It's never been a thing and it wouldn't make
sense if it were. The idea of being able to specify multiple
locations is that you can avoid an out-of-space crash if the engine
has somewehere else to go when it needs to put temp files to disk and
the first (or default) temp space is used up. Another point is that,
if your user environment has a lot of users doing lots of ordered
queries and keeping them alive for long periods, you can consider
having a dedicated disk, such as a fast SSD, for TempDirectories.

The engine holds the temp file structures in RAM if it can: it only
puts them to disk if available RAM is too low. Hence, allocating a
RAM disk for TempDirectories doesn't make sense, either.


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