Subject UDF library not working on VPS
Author Chuck Belanger

I am hoping someone can help me out with this.

We recently set up a VPS for use for a remote Firebird database to use
in our desktop application for user authorization. The VPS is a Windows
Server 2008. Initially, I loaded FB 3.0.3, both 64bit and 32 bit
versions. The 32 bit for access by IBExperts.

I have added a couple of functions to the source code for FreeUDFLib.dll
and recompiled that in Delphi 10.2 for both 32 and 64 bit. On my local
machine those functions in FreeUDFLib.dll work fine. (F_STR2STR) They
work fine also when testing on an older remote server that we have been
using for FTP.

But when I try to do a SELECT F_STR2STR() on the VPS database, I am
getting the error message:

"Invalid Token
Invalid request BLR at offset 60
Function F_STR2STR is not defined
Module  Name or entry point could not be found"

I get this error whether I am trying to access via my application
(remotely to the VPS), or using IBExpert on my local machine and making
a remote query to the VPS, or connecting via Remote Desktop to the VPS
and making a local connection via IBExpert.

To simplify things I uninstalled the FB 3 64 bit server and reinstalled
just the 32 bit server. Same issue.

Confirmed that the firebird.conf points to the UDF folder (I tried
explicitly pointing to the directory, too) and that the same
FreeUDFLib.dll is there as I have on my local development computer,
where it works as expected.

I double checked that indeed the entry point Str2Str is correct in the

Also, to add to this mystery, I tried using another function for another
commonly supplied UDF dll, RTRIM(). What happened consistently is that
by calling this function in a SELECT statement from IBExpert crashed
IBExpert, as in it would just close without error.

At this point I am completely at a loss about what is going on here.
Although, it seems like there is something about the VPS setup that is
an issue.

Can anyone help?

Thank you!

Chuck Belanger

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