Subject Remote Event not working on Windows Server 2003
Author Aleksa Ristic
I am having application that is working normally with firebird, .NET 4 and Firebird NET Provider version 5.12.0. Now I am
implementing FbRemoteEvent inside it.

FbRemoteEvent works normally on my local PC (Windows 10 - testing PC)
but it doesn't work when I put it on my Windows Server 2003.

Error I get is:

Error reading data from the connection.
at FirebirdSql.Data.FirebirdClient.FbRemoteEvent.QueueEvents(String[]
at Magacin.Main.DataBaseEventListner()

What i found is that it doesm mean he is connected to database but for
some reason it was rejected.

I do not understand why it rejects it since all my other commands work
in that app (SELECTING, UPDATING, INSERTING, FbDataReader,
FbDataAdapter, FbCommand....)

Also what i am assuming is that FbRemoteEvent have some problem with
creating event on Windows Server 2003 since it DOES work on my local
machine and all other components of firebird works on Server too.

Code i am using for FbRemoteEvent is:

private void DataBaseEventListner()
FbRemoteEvent revent = new FbRemoteEvent(M.Baza.connectionString);

revent.RemoteEventCounts += (sender, e) =>
this.Invoke(new MethodInvoker(delegate
Poruka p = new
revent.QueueEvents(String.Format("nova_poruka~" +

I tried removing this part "Poruka p = new Poruka..." since inside that
method I start new connection but it still not works.

I tried setting this method at start of application where I do not have
any connection to database and it still doesn't work

I tried adding "Pooling=false" to connection string and still nothing.

I tried adding "Connection Timeout = 15" but still not working.

Connection string I am having is:

data source=4monitor;initial catalog = C:\Prirucni

4monitor is computer which Is locally attached to Windows Server 2003
computer and has local ip of which I got with pinging
"4monitor" from cmd from Remote Desktop.