Subject Error creating Foreign key
Author Mourad Hedfi
Hello everybody,

I've an application witch update a database data.

The process to update data is :
  1. Delete all foreign keys
  2. Execute all update commands (insert, update, delete)
  3. Create  foreign keys
The problem is that foreign key creation return an error for some FK (50 from 477).

"-607-This operation is not defined for system tables."
"Table is in use."

It's a strange error because I've only one connection to the database in the application and database is not opened in any other editor.

I've tried the following solutions : 
  • In the application, before creating FK, I close the database connecion and I reopen it 
  • I've backuped and restored the database
but always the same error.

I'm on Firebird 1.5 on Windows.

Can anyone tell me what's wrong and how to fix this problem

​Best regards.