Subject Re: Query - Regarding a Firebird Source Control Application
Thank you all for your kind and informative replies.

It appears that the information you all provided gives me encouragement to review my current product for a conversion to the Firebird Database Engine.

To be sure, this will be a lot of work since the entirety of the SQL Server Shared Management Objects API, which is what is used to extract the SQL Server database objects and scripts, will have to be replaced.  

However, it does appear that the replacement with simple ADO.NET queries to the Firebird system tables will be far more straight forward.

With such a conversion I could make one version freeware like the current product but another priced at a very reasonable fee.

That is the problem with Open Source.  It literally destroyed the flourishing software cottage industry of the 1990s as it went to far to the extreme.

Even software engineers and developers have to eat...

Thank you, again...

Steve Naidamast