Subject Query - Regarding a Firebird Source Control Application

About two years ago I had completed a fully working SQL Server Source Control application that had the same basic features as the similar tools of its much larger competitors, Red Gate and ApexSQL.

I attempted to market the application to .NET developers who were using SQL Server for their application development.  Since no one was interested in purchasing my software (being technicians) I turned it into Freeware.

The current state of this project is that it has been updated to work with all SQL Server database engines up to SQL Server 2016.  I have been contemplating to upgrading it again to SQL Server 2017.

However, considering that Firebird is not supported to the same extent as SQL Server, my software may make a useful addition to the growing number of third-party tools for Firebird.

The problem is, I need to know a way to access the source code for all the relevant database objects (ie: stored procedures) so that I can import them into my application for version control.

I came across some information in Carlos Cantu's very well written migration guide for Firebird 3.x.x that describes the use of the RDB$ tables for such database objects.

I would like to know if it these are the tables that would allow me to access such source code for all such relevant database objects.  If so, I would consider a conversion of my software to the Firebird Database Engine.

For those who would be interested in looking at my original product, please go to the following link for the download...

Select the package entitled... SQL Server Source Control for Developers 2.2.1

The package comes with complete documentation in a CHM file.

Thank you...