Subject Re: [firebird-support] Error -902 after Update Windows 10
Author Helen Borrie
Mark wrote:

> The problem I have with this solution, is that when using a Firebird
> database, you shouldn't be accessing a Firebird dstabase through a
> share, and Firebird should disallow that by default.

And it does. It would require RemoteFileOpenAbility to be true. By
default it is false. It should NOT be set true for any database that
is not in ReadOnly mode, nor, as you pointed out, for a database that
you want to keep safe.

> In other words: did you really access a Firebird database through a
> share? Or where you using the WNET (NetBEUI) protocol to connect to
> Firebird?

> Because if that is the actual problem,


Having the database is on a share does not seem to be the problem.
Most people know not to do that. But it is a pretty common practice in
networks to place the client application software on a share and have
all the users run it from the same place. This is where things have
come unstuck for at least some of those reporting a similar problem.