Subject Error -902 after Update Windows 10
Author Eduard Calveras

Since few days ago, after Windows 10 update, some applications writes in Delphi can not connect to network  Firebird 2.5.5 server.
These applications can connect with BDE, InterBase, FIB, FireDac... but all are using the GDS32.dll

In other side, applications as FlameRobin, are using the same library GDS32.dll and connects successfully.
Clients with previous Windows versions works fine too.

These are the errors messages:

22/05/2018 17:48:03  DBUG:  ; ¬[Application: ]¬[Error] -902 335544721 Unable to complete network request to host "".¬Failed to establish a connection


OpenConfigDatabase DbConnection Exception. Error Opening Configured Database $AUTO_DATA, Error was: Unknown database.
Unable to complete network request to host "".
Failed to establish a connection.

The problem is a kind of local issue, because other Pc-clients works fine. But certainly is the gds32.dll that cannot connect with server and I not known why.

Some help please?
Tank you.

a Reveure,
Eduard Calveras
IT System Engineer