Subject Choosing best server / processor for Firebird 3.03 64 bits database on Windows server 2016 64 bits
We are trying to define the best specs for a windows based Firebird 3 64
bits instance.

Based on our knowledge, and the type of applications running we know we will
need the best possible performance for 1 to 10 concurrent users demanding
queries (reading not writting) from just a few relational tables. We will
organize indexes and the question here is "what would be the best server
configuration". We believe the following:

1) We need the best processor, that can process the fastest per core, not
combined, as FB will run each request (sql select statement) on a separate
core, and because we will have up to 10 concurrent users we only need a
processor that has 10+ cores (all available new processors support that,
either on its own or on a dual processor configuration). The benchmarks
available on internet compare "the processsing capacity of the hole
processor, including all cores", so we don't have a "comparisson one core
against one core of another processor".
We believe the following processor would be the best:
Platinum 8156 Processor
Anyone has a better suggestion?

2) Our database will be about 5 TB, so having SSD disks will be essential to
read fast.
3) RAM Memory, if the drives are SSD we probably don't need more than 128 GB
ram, as the "swapping into ssd drives" will be very fast anyways.

We are assuming (and will check it) that buying SD disks is much cheaper
than buying RAM for a server, hence option 2) and 3) are defined with an eye
on the budget. If RAM is not as expensive we could buy magnetic disks and
expand ram to 5TB, and end up placing the hole DB on ram via the FB cache
(after the first select of each table with no filters reads the data, most
of the database will be on RAM via cache correct? So we could run a dummy
select on server starts and after say 1/2 hour the server will have the hole
DB on ram.

Any suggestions?