Subject Guid in firebird



I am new to Firebird and I am trying to use Guid from a c# application.

I store a Guid to fb database    using 

“INSERT INTO PROJECTS (ProjGID, PROJCODE, PROJTITLE) VALUES (char_to_uuid('7104D437-ACD5-4781-918F-3A049DB1CFCA'), 'proj', 'projtitle')”.

ProjGID is defined as char(16) character set octets


Following that I load the data using

"Select uuid_to_char(PROJGID) as id , Projects.ProjGID  from Projects"


In the DataTable I get the two values but they differ. The correct one is the one returned by uuid_to_char. The  Projects.ProjGID is a Guid DataType but the value is different.

Any ideas?