Subject Faulty BLRs
Author Matthias Winkler
Hi Everybody,

I just joined to group for this question:

I made changes to some view and procedures. As far as I understood, I need also
to redefine (drop, create) all procedures/views which use the changed ones?
Flamerobin is already proposing to drop these dependencies before changing 
the item itstelf. So far so gooo.

Now I also added a column to an existing table. Is it then also 
necessary to recreate all BLRs using this table?
Is there a way of automatically finding them?

In general it remains unclear if in the past all BLRs where recreated when needed:
- It there a procedure to verify that all BLRs are still consistent?
- Is there a way to re-create all BLRs in a DB?
- Is there a way to find faulty BLRs? Some kinde of test? (Backup and restore, maybe?)

This BLR topic is quiet dangerous because the BLRs remain hidden from
the user until there occurs an error. Thats somehow a weired concept of abstraction.

Is there a switch to force recreation of the BLRs on every access?
Literature is quite short about this topic.

Hope someone can help