Subject Re: FB3 Embedded on Android
---In, <projorge@...> wrote :
> Hi,
> I'm trying to put the embedded version running on android,
> but FB is allwys trying to connect to localhost.
> The FB files are located on the app files folder
> files/firebird/
> files/firebird/firebird.msg
> files/firebird/plugins/
> files/firebird/intl/fbintl. conf
> files/firebird/intl/libfbintl. so 
/*The icu files are not in the distributed tar */

  This is wrong structure, where do you get it ?

  For correct structure look at android build here

  It contains subfolders :
/bin with executables (you don't need it for embedded),
/lib with (you don't have it and this is the reason for errors you see)

> When I try to create a local database, trough IBPP, I'm getting the follow error:
> Error message:
> SQL Message : -902
> can't format message 13:98 -- message file /data/data/com.fb.test/files/ firebird.msg not found
> /* FB is trying to pick the firebird.msg form files and not from files/firebird, where the is located ??!!?!?!?*/

  Because firebird.msg is looked at one folder above If you put into /lib
files/firebird/lib in your case) it will start to work as it should.

> Engine Code    : 335544721
> Engine Message :
> Unable to complete network request to host "localhost".
> Failed to establish a connection.
  Because is in wrong place, it can't find and load plugin, therefore
it tries to use next provider from default list - Loopback.
Loopback provider add "localhost:" to the
connection string and thus the error above.

> What is wrong about my embedded structure,

  Hope it is clear now

> and what are the rules to use the embedded connection ?  

  Nothing special, i'd say ;)