Subject Re: [firebird-support] Authentication: Kerberos / Role management
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 31-1-2018 10:09, daniel.achermann@... [firebird-support] wrote:
> I have a few questions concerning authentication and firebird 3.0:
> If I want to use windows trusted authentication I have to configure
> "AuthServer" and "AuthClient" with Win_Sspi? I am a bit confused to
> understand what is excatly the difference between Server and Client
> param and how they can be used with different plug ins.

Firebird.conf contains configuration for both client and server (note
that the client configuration can be overridden by a firebird.conf in
the same folder as fbclient.dll, and even with connection parameters.

In other words: AuthServer configures which authentication options the
local server accepts, and AuthClient configures which authentication
option the local client tries.

I can't help you with your other questions.

Mark Rotteveel