Subject Re: [firebird-support] Reading emails of yahoogroups is a penitence.
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 4-12-2018 10:31, Eduard Calveras ecalveras@...
[firebird-support] wrote:
> Maybe is not the site where I might write this problem, but any of you
> can see the next capture correctly?
> Can you read the sentence: "I suppose this is a bug...?"
> I think that is a problem of development of this site because in the
> declaration body there is:
> <body style="background-color: #fff;">
> And the font color, where is it?
> Capture of yahoogroups email.

I have no such problem in my mail client (Thunderbird). The mail is
probably designed with the expectation of light themed mail clients, and
it looks like your mail client is using a dark theme and therefor
overrides 'normal' expectations of a black font color or at least high
contrast against a white/light background.

The problem btw seems more to occur when posting through te Yahoo Groups
webinterface instead of sending (plain text?) emails.

In any case, we can't help you with this. You'll need to report this to
Yahoo/Oath. You may want to try the "Contact Us" or "Give product
feedback" links on . However Yahoo
Groups seems to be a bit of a 'forgotten' product, so I'm not sure how
responsive Yahoo will be.

Mark Rotteveel