Subject Concerns about Firebird database to get perform with less downtime.
Author Marcelo Guimaraes
I'm quite new on Firebird world and I have doubts about the database maintenance.
I would like some advices what I should concern and periodically execute on the database to leave them working and performing well. 
As a read one way to do this is doing a maintenance doig "gbak -b" and "gbak -c", but I want something that can be online, to reduce the downtime.
The sweep and collect indexes statics are some action I know I can do, but what more?
And about olds transactions, how can I treat them?
What usually I have to concern about the maintenance from the database?

* I use Firebird 2.5.8 on Debian

Thanks all from help!

Marcelo GuimarĂ£es