Subject Is Firebird favor Intel's CPU?
Hello all,

I ran an update query on a database with a computer and a notebook.

CPU's computer is Phenom 1075T, while notebook is i5 2557M.

Query is very simple, something like : update tbl set ln = 9;

Firebird  on Computer is SS 3.0.3, on notebook SS 3.0.2, both runs on Windows x64, both using SSD with roughly, same speed.

I thought, query will runs much faster on a computer, but to my surprise, it runs almost the same time on both machine.

Query runs in a single thread, on computer, runs around 3-3.5GHz, on notebook, runs about 2.7GHz.

I am planning to upgrade my computer to ryzen, but with this result, make me wonder if  Firebird favor intel's cpu.