Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird vs. PostgreSQL
Author Fabiano Bonin
Firebird doesn't support schemas.
This is the main reason I am replacing it by PostgreSQL in all my projects.

In versions prior to 3.0, there is a limit on SQL instruction size, what makes it hard to use with frameworks like Hibernate, which tends to generate huge SQL instructions.
But this is solved in version 3.0, so you should disconsider this one if you are using this version.

There is a 31 characters table name limit, the can bring some restrictions if you are planning to create a multi-database application and you use big table names.

But, if your project will be bound to a single database, you can live with these issues.

The advantages I see on Firebird over PostgreSQL is single file database, great charset and collation support, easiest to mantain, doesn't bring a bunch of features you will never use, small installation size.


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We've been using Firebird "forever". For upcoming projects and also possible replacement in existing ones, we're considering PostgreSQL.

What would you say is the pros and cons of Firebird vs. PostgreSQL?

I'm aware that the answers may very well be different depending on application and usage patterns, but I would like to start with considerations i general terms, e.g. framework support (e.g. Entity Framework), admin tools availability and usability (Windows and possibly Mac), query performance in general, resource load, SQL standard compliance, stability, development progress (new features, fixing bugs, ...) etc.



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