Subject Code signed version of Firebird SQL executables?

I'm running into a need for code-signed Firebird SQL executables, particularly gbak.exe.

The reason is that some proportion of the users of our applications, which use Firebird SQL, have BitDefender anti-virus. It has a module called "Safe Files" that prevents unsigned executables from writing files into anything under C:\Users\Public or C:\Users\username.

Since our database directory is under C:\Users\Public, this means they cannot restore backup files to where they should go, using gbak, and we have to tell them to turn that BitDefender module off if the relevant error comes up ("Cannot write to directory ...", or something like that). Our own application executable is code signed with our own code signing certificate, but that doesn't help when it runs gbak to restore backups.

So is there any chance of the Firebird developers releasing a Windows installer with all code-signed executables? A code signing certificate isn't all that expensive.

The obvious alternative would be for us to sign gbak.exe with our own certificate, but since it's not our code, that doesn't seem at all appropriate.