Subject Problems with database shadows
Author Köditz, Martin



I’m trying to create a shadow file. But it doesn’t work.


I have executed this command:

create shadow 1 '/srv/firebird/master.shd';


The file is created in file system. But the file size is zero. There is no entry in the table RDB$FILES.


Here is the isql output:


SQL> show database |grep -i shadow;

Database: /srv/firebird/syndesk_test02.fdb

        Owner: SYSDBA


Number of DB pages allocated = 29158

Number of DB pages used = 27879

Number of DB pages free = 1279

Sweep interval = 20000

Forced Writes are ON

Transaction - oldest = 462

Transaction - oldest active = 463

Transaction - oldest snapshot = 463

Transaction - Next = 502

ODS = 12.0

Database not encrypted

Default Character set: UTF8

Linger: 120 seconds


Server version:

SQL> show version;

ISQL Version: LI-V3.0.3.32900 Firebird 3.0

Server version:

Firebird/Linux/AMD/Intel/x64 (access method), version "LI-V3.0.3.32900 Firebird 3.0"

Firebird/Linux/AMD/Intel/x64 (remote server), version "LI-V3.0.3.32900 Firebird 3.0/tcp (linux-w1cs)/P15"

Firebird/Linux/AMD/Intel/x64 (remote interface), version "LI-V3.0.3.32900 Firebird 3.0/tcp (linux-w1cs)/P15"

on disk structure version 12.0


Is this a bug? What am I doing wrong?