Subject Firebird 3.x error “Attempt to execute an unprepared d ynamic SQL statement” in De lphi IBX exception handling?

I am using Delphi 2009 Unicode and Firebird 3.x UTF8/dialect 3 database with IBX components. And now I see that all the exceptions raised from the Firebird SQL procedure and trigger code (e.g. using exception my_exception; statement) are handled by IBX as special Firebird exceptions:

Attempt to execute an unprepared dynamic SQL statement
Error Code: 335544711 SQL Code: -901

IBX does not report the name/code/content of the original Firebird exception. It is quite strange, because Delphi 2009 IBX can handle Firebird 2.1 UTF8/Unicode exceptions without problems. It seems to me that IBX is trying to do some extra steps that are not allowed.

Of course, I know that all the advices to move to other frameworks from the IBX, but we are not living in the ideal world, so, the question is as it is.