Subject Working with SQL (might be using loop)
Author Vishal Tiwari

I am trying to get below stuff using SQL only.

1. If I have any statement like "World is good enough to enjoy..." then in I need to get SQL out put as
"WorlD IS GooD EnougH TO EnjoY..." that is first and last character of each word should be capital letter and rest should be in small letters.

2. If I give any number like 007, 10002, 5645 then if the first digit of the integer value is 0 or 1 then a minus sign should be prefixed and if it is not 0 or 1 then it should prefix + sign. We can enter integer value in string format as well if needed. like -007, -10002, +5645...

3. Also, I need to make odd position character in capital letter in a given statement like  "World is good enough to enjoy..." should be output as  "WoRlD Is GoOd EnUuGh To EnJoY..."

SQL for every above points could be sepearte.

Thanks In Advance.

With Best Regards.