Subject Firebird 3 client API to connect FB 2.5 database server
Author Mauricio Junqueira

How to setup a DPB to make a client compiled with the new FB 3 API access a remote FB 2.5 database? Is there a way to change WireCrypt and AuthServer in the Database Params Buffer?


IXpbBuilder* dpb = NULL;
dpb->insertString (&status, isc_dpb_user_name, user);
dpb->insertString (&status, isc_dpb_password, pass);

Is there something like isc_dpb_wirecrypt that could be setup?

I am trying to connect a C++ client compiled using the new Interfaces but the connection fails. I can connect to a FB 3.0 database server successfully.

MaurĂ­cio Junqueira