Subject file size and transactions

NOTE: I've posted this question into "Firebird-general", but now I realize that that group seems not to be active nowdays, so I post it here. 


Hello! I'm noticing a small increase of my database size. Now it has 566,992 KB. After a backup/restore the size goes to 533,640 KB. I don't have long running read/write transactions (well... I think)

The headder of my database shows me this. I think I read somewhere that the ideal is always to have the "Oldest active" transaction equal to the "Oldest snapshot"... is that so? In any case, what means the difference I'm having?


Database "datos.fdb"

Database header page information:

Flags 0

Checksum 12345

Generation 1145236

Page size 4096

ODS version 11.2

Oldest transaction 1145222

Oldest active 1145223

Oldest snapshot 1144871

Next transaction 1145228

Bumped transaction 1

Sequence number 0

Next attachment ID 784

Implementation ID 26

Shadow count 0

Page buffers 0

Next header page 0

Database dialect 3

Creation date Sep 6, 2017 19:13:38

Attributes force write

    Variable header data:

Sweep interval: 20000