Subject Background auditing of Firebird database transactions
Author Richard Currie
Hi fellow Firebird users,


* Current Firebird version is 2.5

* Windows OS could be anything...

* We are using C# with FirebirdClient ADO.NET Data Provider

* The software we write extracts and monitors the Firebird database of a third party application.

* We do a major extract of data from the Firebird database, then attempt to monitor for changes.

It appears to be very difficult for us to monitor the Firebird database for changes. We have started to look into the Trace functionality introduced in Firebird 2.5 to monitor for changes. This has helped, as we can relatively easily detect what tables have changed from the Trace output. But this involves a lots of string parsing, which is really not nice.

We have just started to look into other software like FbTraceManager to help us, which appears to be a great tool for debugging issue, but I can't work out if there is a way to integrate FbTraceManager into an existing application to programmatically access the structured trace data.

I've come across some slideshows on Auditing (different from Trace?) that make it sound like there is other functionality there, but maybe not documented?

Is there any way to detect table and row level changes, that could be integrated into an existing C# application? Identifying the changed row IDs in a table that has changed would be ideal...

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