Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Problem with linked table
Author Helen Borrie
Friday, September 8, 2017, 9:31:43 PM, Adriano Novelli wrote:
> i use a odbc connection to connect to the database.

> on every pc I have configured a odbc connection with the same name
> and configured the database path by specifying the IP address of the server

> as I said before, if I do the db connection test from every single pc, everything works.

> I repeat the steps to replicate the problem:

> i create a db access 2007 and i put it in a shared folder (every pc
> have a mapped network drive (Z) to access this database

> 1) from pc 1, i open the db and link some tables u sing a odbc
> connection. if i open (in access 2007) the linked table, i read the data
> 2) from pc 2, i open the db shared and i view the linked tables.
> if i open (in access 2007) the linked table, i have an odbc error "connection failed".
> 3) from pc 2, i remove the linked tables. using a odbc connection,
> i re-link the tables and now (on pc 2) i read the data!
> 4) at the moment, on pc 1 i can not read it anymore data from the linked tables

> in conclusion, I can read the tables data only on the pc that I use to link the tables

This is the behaviour you would see if your clients are using Embedded
to connect to the database. This works only for one connection: all
others are blocked until the active client detaches from the database.

Please understand the architecture. For multiple users, you need the
full Firebird server installed and running as a service on the host
machine where the database is physically located.

Each user must make a remote connection to the physical location, not
to a share.

Let's say this host machine has the network name 'nostroserver' and
the database bdati.fdb is located in c:\dati. This must not be a

The full path to your database from each remote client is:


On his/her own computer, each client needs
(1) a copy of your software
(2) The Firebird ODBC driver
(3) A data source configured to connect to the database using the full
path quoted above
(4) The Firebird client fbclient.dll, copied from the server

The client components can be accessed on a share, if you like.

You need the 32-bit client if your software and driver are 32-bit.
If your server installation is 64-bit then the fbclient.dll in the
\bin\ directory there will not work with 32-bit clients. You can
extract the 32-bit client from the \bin\ directory of the 32-bit zip