Subject Re: Problem with linked table
Hi Dimitri,

i use a odbc connection to connect to the database.

on every pc I have configured a odbc connection with the same name and configured the database path by specifying the IP address of the server

as I said before, if I do the db connection test from every single pc, everything works.

I repeat the steps to replicate the problem:

i create a db access 2007 and i put it in a shared folder (every pc have
a mapped network drive (Z) to access this database

1) from pc 1, i open the db and link some tables using a odbc connection. if i open (in access 2007) the linked table, i read the data
2) from pc 2, i open the db shared and i view the linked tables.  if i open (in access 2007) the linked table, i have an odbc error "connection failed".
3) from pc 2, i remove the linked tables. using a odbc connection, i re-link the tables and now (on pc 2) i read the data!
4) at the moment, on pc 1
i can not read it anymore data from the linked tables

in conclusion, I can read the tables data only on the pc that I use to link the tables