Subject Re: [firebird-support] unpacking backup with firebird version 1.5 (windows 7)
Author Helen Borrie
Friday, July 28, 2017, 9:03:19 PM, robert rottermann wrote:

> I proceeded as Helene suggested

> I executed gbak.
> However this produced zillions of warnings of the form
> gback: do not recognize table attribute 0 -- continuing

> this goes on now for some 15 minutes.
> A database VAS.FDB was created
> I can open it from my linux box using flamerobin.
> The tables seem to exist all, their structure is ok as far as I can
> judge from a first glance.
> But alas, they are empty!!

> please advice.

Something is wrong with that backup.
In your original message, you said:

>when I do [a restore) on my linux box

>sudo gbak -c VAS.bak vas_db/VAS.fdb

>this seems to work fine (alltough i can not use the result)


1. What did you mean "I can not use the result" ?

2. Are you able to connect to the original database on Linux and see data
in the tables? Meaning - do you have a "good" database somewhere?

3. On Linux, what information does FlameRobin provide about the
on-disk structure and the status of the database? (You can also get
this information using gstat -h, or using the SHOW DATABASE command in

4. Have you tried making your own gbak backup of the "good" database
on the Linux box?

5. Have you tried file-copying the good database onto the Windows box
and connecting to it?