Subject Re: [firebird-support] using embedded
Author Helen Borrie
Thursday, July 27, 2017, 7:33:43 AM, prosser2k@... wrote:

> I want to get a delphi7 program that works with the full server to
> work with embeded... I am a getting 'database unavailable' whatever I try

> I have followed the instructions to the diligently - copying and
> renaming the files so what am I missing?

First things first: embedded works differently depending on what
version of Firebird you are using. Since you mentioned "copying and
renaming files" one assumes it's not Fb 3. As a general comment, it
makes no sense to post a question without the basic information.

Next, you won't be able to run your app from within the Delphi IDE
using an embedded connection. That's because the IDE is already
connected to the database in its own workspace, thus precluding any
other connections. So, try running the executable directly,
with the Delphi project closed down. It's my bet this is your
problem. Don't make the mistake of treating embedded as a development
option. It's intended for deployment. Use the full server for
development and watch out that you don't hard-compile the connection

Another cause could be that your renamed client can't load because a
DLL named fbclient.dll is already loaded - just not the one you need!