Subject startup and shutdown firebird


I am using fedora 25 Linux. I can't use systemctl because I did a source install. I can use fbguard. I tried gfix, and that won't work it seems. Then I decided per advice from a website to use the script in init.d. That gave me the following msg.

init.d # ./firebird stop

chown invalid group 'firebird:firebird'

firebird server [default] server is stopped.

On starting I get:

starting firebird server [default] /usr/bin/dirname invalid option --d

grep didn't reveal superclassic fb_smp_etc. I couldn't run flamerobin and connect. If I do a plain old ./fbguard -onetime -daemon I get the right grep results.

Can someone give me a quick trick to fix init.d so the firebird script will work? I am thinking I need a better way to shutdown then just fbguard in the future.

thx. for any help,